U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of Georgia

Court Calendar (v2.0)    [Public Access]

This program provides hearing dates for use with the open calendaring system. Please remember that some pleadings will require a response date in the Notice of Hearing that accompanies the motion. If the motion you intend to file is not included on the menu that follows you will need to call the appropriate Calendar Clerk.

1. Enter case number, the date your pleading will be filed and select Continue.
2. Select the appropriate event type and click on Next.
3. Verify the case number, Judge and Trustee are correct.
4. Review available hearing dates & times.
5. If a response date is required, be sure to use the date provided in your Notice.
6. When docketing in CM/ECF, use the response date provided through CHS.
7. The hearing dates will appear again in CM/ECF on a drop down list.

You may enter a future date in the Date Motion Filed, but you must docket in CM/ECF on the file date you select. No hearings needed for Consent Motions.

Available Hearing Dates and Times
Case Number:  
Date Motion Filed: 
Adversary Case Numbers must be entered as XX-XXXX without a leading zero